Bringing Therapies to Life with Multi-Vector Manufacturing

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Uncover a  paradigm shift in the gene therapy landscape in Genezen’s latest white paper.

Chief Technology Officer, Susan D’Costa and Chief Science Officer, Pratima Cherukuri discuss changing approaches to viral vector manufacturing excellence. Progress in LVV and RVV manufacturing has run in parallel with advances in AAV manufacturing, yet they’ve remained distinct and separate. Now, the time has come for these fields to unite, creating a synergy that will bring cell and gene therapies to life.

Key Highlights:

  • The advancing frontier of AAV and LVV-based gene therapies
  • The latest innovations in AAV manufacturing
  • The role of an experienced CDMO plays in multi-vector manufacturing
  • How a CDMO with LVV and RVV expertise can elevate programs in need of AAV development and manufacturing

Join the Revolution

Embrace this transformational change. Genezen is your strategic partner on this journey. A proven track record of excellence in LVV and RVV manufacturing offers a wealth of benefits to innovators working with AAV.

Download “The Power of a Multi-Vector Perspective: Nurturing LVV and AAV Development and Manufacturing Expertise in Parallel to Drive New Cycles of Innovation” to learn how.

Susan D’Costa
Chief Technology Officer

Pratima Cherukuri
Chief Science Officer

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