Cell Line & Assay Testing

We offer rapid delivery of GMP cell line testing for your lentiviral and retroviral products, including extended and qPCR-based replication-competent lentiviruses (RCL) assays.

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Unique in-house capacity
and experience

We have unique in-house capacity and experience combined with the expertise of the nation’s leading academic vector production and research laboratories.

With over a decade of experience, our team collaborates with you to develop, qualify and validate the tailored analytical tests necessary to your vector’s development and production phase.

Rapid Extended RCL Testing

We have the capacity to deliver rapid cell line testing of extended and qPCR-based replication-competent lentiviruses (RCL) assays. Our vast lentiviral vector expertise means we can provide reliable and efficient testing to accelerate your therapy to clinic and beyond. Request a patient sample testing price list today by completing the form below.

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  • Biological titers
  • Physical titers (p24)
  • Empty vs Full particle ratio
  • Transduction efficiency


  • Vector Copy Number by qPCR
  • Vector insert identity & stability
  • Insertional site analysis
    • ADA Isoenzyme Analysis


  • Cell line
  • Viral vector
  • Transgene


  • Residual Benzonase
  • Host cell proteins
  • Host cell DNA
  • Plasmid DNA
  • E1A qPCR
  • SV40 qPCR


  • RCL assays
      • Co-culture
      • qPCR
  • RCR assays
      • GALV
      • Ecotropic
      • Direct
  • Endotoxin
  • Mycoplasma
  • Sterility
  • In-Vitro Viral Assay
  • PERT

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