Retroviral Vector Production

We can initiate and maintain reliable supply for your early phase clinical trials and beyond, delivering high-quality, cost-effective and precise retroviral vector production services through producer cell lines and master cell bank expansion.

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Scalable capacity

Reliable and reproducible batches

Pairing the expansive knowledge and technical talent of our team with available and scalable capacity means that we can accelerate your journey from bench-to-clinic, helping you deliver life-changing therapeutics to patients.

Delivering larger batches with greater consistency and reliability, we support you with the latest technologies from a state-of-the-art facility that is designed with the aseptic manufacture of retroviral vectors in mind. Our established platform utilizes single-use technology and optimized closed and semi-automated processes for robust, efficient viral vector production.

Full suite of complementary process development capabilities

Simplifying and de-risking your development and scale-up, we deliver a full suite of complementary process development capabilities to support cGMP and commercial readiness, upstream and downstream process improvements, research-grade and preclinical vector production, and analytical assay development and validation from the site. We develop producer cell lines that not only allow consistency and scalability but reduce future costs.

Analytical testing services, including vector stability testing, and safety and sterility testing, are also available.

Retroviral Vector Production Process

  • Adherent retroviral transduction
  • Producer cell lines – from pre-clinical to commercial
  • Access to cGMP compliant master cell banks for common packaging cell lines

Scalable and Consistent Manufacturing

  • Roller bottles
  • Cell Stacks
  • Fixed bed bioreactors
  • Disposable/closed systems for virus harvest and concentration
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Lentivirus Production

Accelerating your path through development to commercialization, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective and precise GMP lentiviral vector manufacturing.

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