Pratima Cherukuri

Chief Scientific Officer
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About Pratima Cherukuri

As CSO, Pratima brings over 15 years of experience in viral vector production to the team, holding previous positions at Covance Laboratories and Indiana University Vector Production Facility. She is responsible for leading the development of scalable, robust, and economically viable upstream and down processes, as well as the qualification of analytical assays for product release and characterization of viral vectors and transduced cells.

Why Genezen? The opportunity to build and grow with Genezen and develop an efficient, pure, and safe product for our clients by employing the best technical and scientific methodologies.

I am passionate about¬†developing and manufacturing the purest and safest LV’s and RV’s and see Genezen grow.

Meet our People

Our team is dedicated to getting your viral vector where it needs to go. Communication and collaboration are part of our DNA and we can't wait to talk to you about your current challenges and needs.

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President and Chief Executive Officer

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