Kai Lipinski

Scientific Advisory Board Member
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About Kai Lipinski

Kai comes from an impressive background in viral vector manufacturing. Currently, he is the Chief Scientific Officer at Vibalogics where he leads process development and manufacturing capabilities, technology evaluations, and the oversight of client technical relationships. In previous roles he was responsible for the upstream process development of virus and mammalian protein expression projects, as well as the development of targeted adenoviral vectors for gene therapy approaches to cancer. Kai holds a PhD in Transcriptional Regulation by Adenoviral E1A Proteins from the University of Duisburg- Essen.

Why Genezen? I am excited to accompany Genezen’s catapulted development under the Ampersand Capital Partners’ umbrella, establishing their own in-house development and manufacturing capacities. People with big visions and missions are determined to succeed for their clients and patients in need. With this clear focus and passion, I believe Genezen will become an industry leader for international lentiviral and retroviral supply.

I’m passionate about Meeting the enormous need for lentiviral and retroviral manufacture in order to enable long-term and stable cures for cancer and well-characterized genetic diseases.

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