Diana Caldwell

Board Member
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About Diana Caldwell

Diana, current President, CEO and co-founder of Amplified Sciences, a start-up in-vitro diagnostics company that aims to detect and prevent disease, brings 25 years of entrepreneurial and life science experience to Genezen. After a career in marketing at Eli Lilly, she founded and was CEO of Pearl Pathways in the regulatory and quality space and has supported a number of large and small biotech companies in driving growth while adding value for customers and patients.

Why Genezen? I love being a part of the Genezen team because they are on the leading edge of viral vector and cell therapy innovation and technology that is changing how clinicians treat diseases. The patient is waiting for solutions, and Genezen is working on life-changing science that brings that reality closer.

My greatest passion: I am passionate about the patients who need breakthrough technologies such as those fueled by viral vector therapeutics. When I am not at work I appreciate quiet time with my husband and three daughters (which is my great passion!) at our log cabin.

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Our team is dedicated to getting your viral vector where it needs to go. Communication and collaboration are part of our DNA and we can't wait to talk to you about your current challenges and needs.

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