David Anderson

Board Member
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About David Anderson

As General Partner at Ampersand Capital, David brings a wealth of experience from his 20 years in the industry and helps the team drive strategic growth initiatives. Over the last decade, David has supported Ampersand’s portfolio of successful CDMO businesses. Prior to joining Ampersand, David spent six years with Covington Associates, a specialty investment bank, including as Director of their Healthcare group.

Why Genezen? Having been a part of the growth of Brammer Bio, Ampersand saw Genezen as an emerging leader in the field. The solid scientific team, coupled with the established customer relationships, positions the business well for growth and success.

I am passionate about building a business that becomes a place that people want to work. The value is all from the employees and we like it when everyone shares in the success.

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Our team is dedicated to getting your viral vector where it needs to go. Communication and collaboration are part of our DNA and we can't wait to talk to you about your current challenges and needs.

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