Bill Vincent

Founder & Executive Chairman
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About Bill Vincent

Following 25 years in the pharma sector, Bill set out to bring academia and pharma closer together by founding Genezen in 2014. Initially focusing on contract manufacturing, Genezen quickly expanded to include cell manufacturing and testing services. Today, as Executive Chairman, Bill focuses on business strategy, whether that is evaluating new opportunities and technologies, or facilitating activities for Genezen’s clients and employees. Prior to Genezen, Bill was Founder and President at Rimedion (acquired by Ossium Health in 2017).

Why Genezen? For me Genezen is more than just a business, it is all about people, and I care deeply about those people. Every day the Genezen team works with our clients to provide therapies and cures to patients in need of help. More than that, Genezen provides jobs that allow our employees to raise a family, pay their mortgage, take a vacation and save for retirement.

My greatest passion: Making people’s lives better. Whether that be our clients, their patients or our employees.

Meet our People

Our team is dedicated to getting your viral vector where it needs to go. Communication and collaboration are part of our DNA and we can't wait to talk to you about your current challenges and needs.

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President and Chief Executive Officer

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